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1. Navigate to Wallet

To start the cash withdrawal sequence, navigate to the "My Wallet & Transactions" page under the "More" Tab. Here you will see the balance in each of your three accounts; Prize Money Balance, Unplayed Balance (Deposits) and Bonus Balance. allows you to withdrawal all of your Prize Money Balance at any time. limits the withdrawal of your Unplayed Balance to $10 per week. This is a compliance detail.

  1. Navigate to the "My Wallet & Transactions"

  2. Select the Account you wish to withdrawal your cash from.

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2. Enter Desired Withdrawal Amount

Once you have selected the desired account to withdrawal from, you will be sent to the withdrawal page. Here input the desired amount of cash to be withdrawn from you account.

  1. Enter desired amount of cash to withdrawal from the selected account.

  2. Weekly Max for Prize Money Balance (Unlimited)

  3. Weekly Max for Unplayed Balance ($10 per Week)

  4. Once you have entered the desired amount to be withdrawn click "Proceed"

The withdrawal request has now been sent to for Approval.

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3. Review & Approval

To ensure the safety of our users, reviews every withdrawal request to monitor for fraudulent or malicious activity. Review period can take between 24 to 48 hours as per Terms of Use.

Once approved you will receive a notification letting you know your request has been approved and you can finalize the withdrawal. 

  1. Wait for Review Notification

  2. Once approved, Navigate to the "Withdrawal Request" page under the "More Tab".

  3. Locate Withdrawal Request

  4. Click the Green "Withdraw" box to complete transaction.

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4. Finalize Your Payout

Once you click the Green "Withdrawal" Button you will be sent to our secure payment processing portal. Follow the directions on the portal to add your bank account information for Withdrawal from Jump Clear and Deposit into your Bank Account. Once complete the deposit will take 12-24 hours.

  1. Click Green "Withdrawal" Button

  2. Select "e-Check" payout method

  3. Follow Instructions on adding Bank Information

  4. Complete Withdrawal Transaction

  5. Your Withdrawal will show up on your bank statement as a deposit from Jump Clear Inc.

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