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Strategy is a game of skill and strategy.

You are playing against all other users participating in a contest. The game is simple pick which riders you think will jump clear and podium finish. You receive points for every correct pick you make. The player with the most points at the end of the event wins the cash prize. May the clear rounds be ever in your favor!

1. Entry Fee

Every contest on has an entry fee. Determining which one you wish to enter depends on your own personal preferences.  

On the Phone
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Image by Nathan Dumlao

2. Rider Points & Picks

Each rider has a point value based on their past performance and how many players are picking them.

These point values will be the number of points you receive if your rider jumps clear or podium finishes.

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3. Percentages

As mentioned above, provides statics from the Jumpr App. These statistics are provided to help you understand the likelihood of the event happening.

PLEASE NOTE: The statistic are ONLY used for an educational piece and are in no way exact or a predictor of the event occurring. 

Horseback Riding
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Image by Johan Godínez

4. Point Changes

Because this is a pari mutual, rider point payouts will change up until the start of the event. At which point all point payouts will be locked in.

You can change your picks at any time prior to the start of the event.

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