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1. Create Your Event

Jump Clear Private Contests gives YOU the ability to create your own contests, select your own events, set your own buy in and invite your friends. 

  1. Select the Private Tab on the Home Screen

  2. Select the Create Private Event Button

On the Phone
step 1
Image by Nathan Dumlao

2. Set the Game

You are the game master! You name the contest, you set the buy in and you select how many people can join. Are you looking for a small, ultra competitive pool? Set the toggle to Closed Group and set the number of participants. Are you an influencer and want to share your contest with your followers? Set the toggle to Open and let anyone join your contest! 

It's your game!

  1. Name Your Contest

  2. Set the Entry Fee: Min $5 Max $10,000

  3. Select Game Type 

    1. Closed Group (Limit the number of players)​

    2. Open (No limit on number of players)

  4. Select Next to select your contest.

step 2

3. Select Your Contest

Are you watching a Grand Prix live? Or are you sitting at home throwing a Grand Prix watch party? Regardless of where you are, you can select any event to create your private contest. 

Browse the list of featured events and select the contest you wish to create your Private Contest with. 

  1. Select Desired Contest

  2. Hit Next

Horseback Riding
step 3
Image by Johan Godínez

4. Share With Your Friends


You have successfully created your private event. Now it is time to invite your friends and claim your podium.

You can share your contest by text, email, social media direct message... you name it!

Jump Clear gives you a unique code that will help your friends download the app and add your contest to their board.

  1. Tell Your Friends to Download the Jump Clear App

  2. Have the Register

  3. Once They Are Registered, Have them Click Your Link

  4. Place Your Picks

  5. Claim Your Podium!

step 4
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