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Unleashing the Riders: Daily Fantasy Picks for the Sapphire Grand Prix of Devon

June 1, 2023

Michael Cruciotti

Unleashing the Riders: Daily Fantasy Picks for the Sapphire Grand Prix of Devon

There are very few venues that carry the weight and prestige of the Dixon Oval during Grand Prix Thursday Night. As 10,000 + cram into the nearly 120-year-old venue all eyes focus on one marquee event… the Sapphire Grand Prix of Devon.

The best way to describe the setting is to compare it to that of the Indianapolis 500. Substitute cars for horses and drivers for riders and you begin to grasp the magnitude of the event you are about to witness.

Will it be the crowd favorite McLain Ward to claim his 13th win at the Dixon Oval or will it be a newcomer, never to step foot on the podium under the Thursday night lights of the Sapphire Grand Prix of Devon?

Join us this morning as we break down our picks, our favorites, and the riders we think will shine in tonight’s CSI4* Sapphire Grand Prix of Devon.

All picks are made based off statistics provided by the JUMPr App and industry knowledge. If you are going to place your picks this evening be sure to do your own research and come to your own conclusions. These picks are intended for entertainment purposes only.

With that out of the way let us dive into what is surely going to be an evening for the history books.

To start, the Sapphire Grand Prix of Devon is a Jump off event meaning all riders will compete in the first round over the same track. Their goal is to jump clear. Don’t knock any of the jumps down within the time allowed and you are elevated to the jump off. Those riders who make it to the jump off will then compete over a shortened course and the rider who jumps clear in the fastest time will be crowned Champion of the Sapphire Grand Prix of Devon.

Now for the riders:

We were able to talk with a few of the riders before the start of the week and get their thoughts on this prestigious event.

We heard from Israeli riders Daniel Bluman and Ashlee Bond.

“It’s my first time showing at Devon. I am very excited. I’ve heard the crowd is absolutely electric. I am riding “The Don” in the Grand Prix this evening and I’m hoping we can pull out a clear round.” – Ashlee Bond

Pulling off a clear round indeed as Ashlee and her mount Donatello 141 have an incredible resume leading up to this event.

According to our friends at the JUMPr app, Ashlee and “The Don” are jumping clear 25% of the time at 1.60m and the same to podium finish.

Now remember, Ashlee is a multiple time 5* Grand Prix winner so the bright lights of the Dixon Oval should not phase this pair in the slightest. Therefore, they are our first pick to jump clear.

Our next rider, Daniel Bluman, whom many of you have seen quite a bit this year in the winners circle had this to say about competing at the historic Devon Horse Show & Country Fair.

“Devon has a unique atmosphere. Very traditional and educated public! I am really looking forward to enjoying the event with my family and performing with our horses. I will be riding Cachemire tonight and looking for a great result.” – Daniel Bluman

Daniel is one of our favorite riders to watch. Every time he goes in the ring there is a fire to jump clear and an inherit desire to claim the blue ribbon. Daniel has never won the Sapphire Grand Prix of Devon. Is tonight his night? We are about to find out.

Our 3rd pick is Kelli Cruciotti Vanderveen. Kelli is currently the youngest rider to ever win the Sapphire Grand Prix of Devon and she did so at the young age of 17. Every year Devon is on her calendar and every year she competes she is poised to do something special.

4th-7th Picks are as followed:

4th Roberto Terran on Dez Ooktoff

5th Alex Matz on Cashew CR

6th Schuyler Riley on Robin de Ponthual

7th Mark Bluman on Marilyn

And our final clear pick of the evening is of course McLain Ward. Was there any doubt? McLain is currently campaigning for his 13th win at the Dixon Oval and after watching last nights speed class in which he obliterated the time on his mount First Lady, there is no doubt he is positioned to make a run at his ever growing list of accolades.

Now for our final picks, the podium, the over under on clear rounds and who we think is going to win…

Our podium picks are

McLain Ward

Ashlee Bond

And Roberto Terran

Our over under on clear rounds is 6.5.

And our pick to win the 2023 Sapphire Grand Prix of Devon….

Drum Roll Please!

Ashlee Bond on Donatello 141.

Those are our picks now it's up to you to make yours. Send us your picks to share on social media by tagging us or by sending it to

Be sure to catch the action tonight as you can watch the entire event live on USEF Network and ClipMyHorse.TV.

Start Time: Thursday, June 1, 2023 8:15 PM ET

Finally be sure to check out all our amazing contests on the App with VIP Contests ranging from $50 Buy ins to $500 and prizes ranging from $100 to well over $5,000. Tonight is sure to be a defining night a the Sapphire Grand Prix of Devon.

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