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Place Your Picks for the Kentucky Spring Classic CSI3* $145,100 Grand Prix

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Kentucky Spring Classic

Get ready for a week of equestrian excellence at the prestigious Kentucky Spring Classic horse show, set to take place at the world-renowned Kentucky Horse Park from May 17th to May 21st, 2023. This highly anticipated event brings together top riders and horses from around the globe for a thrilling display of skill, grace, and athleticism. As one of the premier competitions on the show jumping calendar, the Kentucky Spring Classic promises a captivating experience for both participants and spectators alike. The Kentucky Spring Classic is a CSI3* competition.

The highlight class is the CSI3* $145,100 1.50m Grand Prix.

What is a CSI3*?

A CSI 3* is an internationally ranked class. Both horse and rider must traverse the obstacles in a set time without knocking anything down. Easier said than done.

Who's Competing?

Tomorrow's favorites to jump clear are the USA's Richard Spooner and Ireland's Shane Sweetnam.

The world of show jumping heads to the Kentucky Horse Park for the 2023 Kentucky Spring Classic. Some of the biggest names in show jumping including Alex Granato, Shane Sweetnam, Richard Spooner, Ali Wolff and many more take their shot at a clear round and podium finish.

How To Watch the CSI3* $145,100 1.50m Grand Prix

  • When: Saturday, May 20th at 5:30 p.m. ET

  • Where: Kentucky Horse Park, Lexington

  • Horse Show: Kentucky Spring Classic

  • Online streaming: ClipMyHorse TV

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