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Margaritas and Saturday Night Lights

I have enough trouble trying to drag my equestrian friends to a Grand Prix after a long day of grooming, let alone the non-horsey ones. Even for those who love horses, watching hours of fancy horses jumping big sticks can get boring.

But somehow in this country, watching grown men continuously tackle each other for four quarters is considered thrilling… Let’s be real. I know NOTHING about football. All I know is that if I make a Buffalo Chicken Dip, I’ll get the invite into a night of drinking.

What if we could bring that excitement to show jumping? Invite new people into the sport and let them have skin in the game. Like Fantasy Football, - Fantasy allows you to do that.

This year, the Saturday night classes just hit different for me. I start out the night with two-for-one margaritas at Los Agaves in Royal Palm (Pro Tip: they let you take the second to go!). At the bar, my friends and I set up a private pool with a buy-in I can actually afford on my Gen Z budget. Even if they don’t know horses (because we are terrible with keeping up on current events), we can all make an educated guess based on statistics.

Once the class starts, man do I get competitive. I find myself constantly refreshing the User Leaderboard and rubbing it in my friends faces when I’m in the lead. I find myself paying a little more attention to the class itself, and slightly less to the long lines at the bar. I make sure to watch all of my picks, and those I know my friends chose, hoping mine go clear and their's have a rail.

As the class goes on and the points rack up, the closer I am to achieving both bragging rights and the cash I need to supplement my very expensive choice of sport.

Actual Photo of Insanely Large To-Go Margaritas from Los Agaves, En Route to Saturday Night Lights

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