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How to Watch the $100,000 Longines World Cup Final


What is the FEI World Cup Finals?

Held yearly, the FEI World Cup Finals is one of the most prestigious show jumping competitions, besides the Olympics. Horse and rider combinations qualify by competing at World Cup Qualifiers throughout the competition year.

Comprised of four rounds over three days, both horse and rider must traverse the obstacles in a set time without knocking anything down. Easier said than done. The winner will have the least number of penalties throughout all rounds.

On, each round is organized as a separate contest. Our scoring system remains the same for a clear round, four faults are added for each rail knocked down.

Who's Competing

The world of show jumping heads to Omaha, Nebraska for the FEI World Cup Finals, one of the most competitive events on this year's show calendar. Competing this week include some of the biggest names on the world ranking list, including Henrik Von Eckermann (#1), Julien Epaillard (#2), Martin Fuchs (#3), Mclain Ward (#4), Harrie Smolders (#6), and Daniel Deusser (#12).

What to Know

While not betting, gives a true Daily Fantasy Experience. The game is simple. Pick the 8 riders you think will jump clear and the 3 riders you think will podium finish. Each rider has a point value to jump clear and podium finish. The player with the most points at the end of the event wins the money.

Where to Download: Click Here

How To Watch

Round 1

Round 2

Final Round

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