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Game of Thrones Saved My Score

I’ll be the first to admit it, I’m the definition of an armchair amateur. I don’t get much saddle time these days, I’m not up to date with every horse/rider combination in the field, and honestly, I have no idea who’s got a fighting chance to win a class other than fan favorites like Mclain, Shane, or Kent.

A few years back, my mother went to the racetrack and placed her pick on the only woman in the field, with no knowledge of the animal itself. My mother knows nothing about horses. Yet it paid out.

On, I took a similarly ridiculous strategy. I picked a horse for its name. And it saved my score.

For Sunday’s CSI3* 1.50m Classic at WEF, I placed my picks on a few riders I knew well, and frankly, almost all of them had faults. Except my ridiculous pick.

I’d never heard of the horse before… but as a Game of Thrones fan I couldn’t help myself. I had some confidence that you don’t name a horse Dothraki Warlord unless it’s a pretty dang intimidating ride. I just immediately pictured something with the power of Jason Momoa, combined with the facial expressions of McLain Ward’s famous Rothchild.

Well Dothraki Warlord did indeed go clear and I got more points from that single pick than all my others combined.

Moral of the story…. Just have fun with it! That’s what the app is about! Sometimes all it takes to jump clear is an awesome name.

Capt. Brian Cournane riding Dothraki Warlord. Courtesy Capt. Brian Cournane on Facebook.

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